Mailman Defintion of Terms

  • Mailing List: A mailing list is an e-mail based discussion group. Sending one e-mail message to the mailing list's address sends mail to all other members of the group. Users join a mailing list by subscribing and subscribers to a mailing list receive messages from all other members. Users have to unsubscribe from a mailing list to stop receiving messages forwarded from the group's members.

  • Moderated list: Somebody, a moderator, is screening messages before they are sent out to everyone

  • Unmoderated list: Anybody can send email to everybody on the list; no screening or filters.

  • Digest delivery: List members can elect to receive postings in bundles call digests one or a few times a day. The digest format will result in you receiving a single message from the list each day with all of the messages bunched together rather than receiving them individually.

  • NonDigest delivery: List members can receive messages immediately whenever a message is posted to the list.

  • A ”post” typically denotes a message sent to a mailing list. (Think of posting a message on a bulletin board.)

  • People who are part of an electronic mailing list are usually called the list’s ”members” or ”subscribers.”

  • List administrators are the people in charge of maintaining that one list. Lists may have one or more administrators. List Admins need not be moderators.

  • List moderators are the people in charge of reading posts and deciding if they should be sent on to all subscribers. Lists may have multiple moderators.

  • etc...


Need your own list?
If you have ideas or need for additional mailing lists, please see the List Setup Instructions page.

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