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Subject: Neuroscience Research Associate Position Available at UCSF

It's a great lab at University of California San Francisco - one of the top
neuroscience research institutes in the US. The Primary Investigator is an
amazing woman and great to work with/for. If anyone has questions before
applying they can e-mail me! If you're interested, apply soon since she is
looking to fill the job ASAP.

Thank you!


Alayna Liptak
Clinical Research Coordinator
UCSF Memory and Aging Center

675 Nelson Rising Lane, Suite 190
San Francisco, CA 94158
Phone: 415-476-2909

We are interested in understanding the cellular and circuit basis of motor
control, particularly in the context of movement disorders, such as
Parkinson’s Disease and Dystonia.  In these conditions, the basal ganglia
and connected structures, which govern normal motor control, are
dysfunctional, leading to loss of normal movements and/or the generation of
involuntary movements.  We use a combination of mouse models of disease,
optogenetics, behavior, and slice and in vivo electrophysiology to identify
aberrant synaptic connections or patterns of activity which contribute to
disease phenotypes.  We hope that by identifying the underlying cellular
and synaptic mechanisms, new treatments can be developed for these
Current Projects:

   - Optogenetic dissection of striatal pathways in a mouse model of
   paroxysmal nonkinesigenic dyskinesia (PNKD)
   - Role of endocannabinoids in the generation of involuntary movements
   - Identification of aberrantly activated neuronal ensembles within
   striatal pathways in a mouse model of levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID)
   - Role of striatal synaptic plasticity in levodopa-induced dyskinesia

Research Assistant, full-time.  Our lab at UCSF studies the neural
mechanisms of movement disorders, using mouse models, electrophysiology,
optogenetics, and behavior.  The RA would manage our transgenic mouse
colony, including breeding, weaning, and genotyping; immunohistochemistry,
including perfusions, sectioning, staining, and microscopy; stereotactic
surgery and/or mouse behavioral assays.  Requires 1+ years Neuroscience
Laboratory experience, rodent handling experience, preferably genotyping
and immunohistochemistry experience.

Contact: PI Alexandra Nelson MD, PhD alexandra.nelson at ucsf.edu


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