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Subject: BCH 380/ BIO 321 "Bioenergy" now on MONDAY afternoons

Hi science majors,
Due to many conflicting schedules, BCH380/ BIO 321 "Bioenergy" has been
moved to Monday afternoons. It has not been "officially" changed with the
registrar yet (soon!), but we will meet on MONDAYS ~4:10-6PM in FH 246. If
you're interested and can make it now with the schedule change, please join
us this Monday! (See description below.)


BCH 380/ BIO 321 Topics in Biochemistry/ Microbiology:  Bioenergy
M 4:10-6 PM  FH 246
Dr. Carolyn Dehner

This seminar course will take a critical, in-depth look at the growing
field of bioenergy. We will focus on the role microbes play throughout this
field, specifically the biochemistry that allows scientists to exploit
their vast metabolic capabilities. Topics include biofuels, algal bio-oil,
and microbial fuel cells. Emphasis will be given to the interdisciplinary
nature of the research; this will be exemplified by an examination of the
leading laboratories in the field. This research will be put in context of
the broader field of renewable energy. Prerequisite: biochemistry course OR
microbiology course OR cell biology course OR permission of instructor.

Carolyn Dehner, PhD
*McPherson Postdoctoral Fellow in Biochemistry*
Ford Hall 235
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063
Office: 413-585-4260
*cdehner at smith.edu*

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