[Prehealth] Taking the MCAT in 2017?

Katie Lipp klipp at smith.edu
Thu Sep 8 20:32:36 EDT 2016

The AAMC just released the 2017 test dates:
https://www.smith.edu/prehealth/contact.php. Test registration is not yet

A few tips for planning your MCAT test date:

1. Do not take the test before you have successfully completed the related
courses (Gen chem I & II, Orgo I & II, two relevant bio courses (not
plant/ecology), Biochem, Physics I & II, Psychology, potentially sociology).

2. Leave at *least* 3-4 months of study time.

3. If you are a current student, do not plan to take the test in April or
on May 13. The later May dates are also pushing it a bit in terms of
proximity to spring exams, but could work depending on your personal
schedule. If you are a senior, avoid the May dates all together.

4. If you plan to apply in the upcoming cycle (i.e. to enter medical school
in 2018), you must take the test no later than June.

5. Never take the test before you are ready. Your score - unless voided
immediately after you take the test - will be visible to medical schools.

If you would like to talk about the timing of taking the MCAT, you can make
an appointment using the link on this page:



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