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Dear Colleagues,

Please note the forwarded announcement below about the NSF sponsored
conference at MHC next Friday and Saturday June 21-22.  One of the speakers
is Carlos Castillo-Chavez, a biomathematician, whose talks are of special
interest to our biomath community. He will speak twice on Saturday.

9:00-9:15 Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Arizona): The power of student driven REU
programs: an alternative model of learning through research

11-12 Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Arizona): Pathogens, Disease Evolution and
Mathematics: Challenges and Opportunities

Abstract: Universities are typically organized around disciplines and yet a
significant percentage of the most pressing problems that we face today
cannot be addressed within a single discipline. The mathematical sciences
(computational methods, mathematics, modeling, and statistics) provide the
language, tools and approaches, that is, the time-tested and novel
quantitative and computational modes of operating and thinking, that make
it possible for researchers to formulate and address some of the most
pressing interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary challenges of our times.
Students interested in addressing, for example, sustainability, climate
change, health and economic disparities questions will benefit tremendously
from learning the basics of some scientific fields and the use of
computational and modeling tools and methods in such fields. In this
lecture, I will present, through my work on epidemics, the impact that
mathematics can have in the study of disease dynamics and evolution as well
as in public policy and the education of the next generation of
interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary scientists.

We  hope many of you will be able to attend at least part of this
conference. You can find program details at the conference page at the
following link.



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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know about the NFS sponsored Research
Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Conference that we are holding
here at MHC next week on Friday and Saturday June 21-22.  Our
conference is entitled " New Directions for Mathematics Research
Experiences for Undergraduates." We have 2 current NSF program
officers attending and one past program officer.

The Mount Holyoke Summer Mathematics and Statistics REU held its first
summer program in 1988 (the second year that NSF was funded REUs in
Mathematics) , and, with the exception of two years, it has gone on
continuously since then.  This summer, 2013, represents the 25th
anniversary of our first REU, but it also coincides with the final
year of our current REU grant.

Our meeting will not focus narrowly on the MHC program; rather, our
program looks much more broadly at REU’s in general.  Our conference
was, of course, open to all of our past REU participants, but, in
addition, we have invited directors of REU’s and of other similar
summer research programs from around the country. We hope to set the
goals and form the new ideas for the next 25 years of Mathematics and
Statistics REUs

 The principal events of the conference will be Friday and Saturday
day-long panel discussions on "New Formats for REUs in Mathematics and
Statistics" and "REUs and the Culture of Math/Stat".

There will also be two plenary talks by

Carlos Castillo-Chavez (a very well known Bio-mathematician from
Arizona State University) and Ravi Vakil (a very well known algebraic
geometer from Stanford University)

All panels and talks will be in Cleveland L3 and we would love it if
you or anyone you think might be interested would like to attend any
of the talks or panels. Here is our conference website:
and I am attaching our program.

With every best wish,
Margaret Robinson
Chair of Math/Stat

Denise Lello,
Biology Research Associate
Biomath and HHMI Coordinator

Smith College
Sabin Reed 352
Clark Science Center
College Lane
Northampton, MA 01063

dlello at smith.edu
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