Welcome to the Clark Science Center Mailing List Server!

By using this mailing list server, we are hoping to provide more targeted information while allowing anybody to subscribe and unsubscribe at will. The system also includes the option to receive a digest of messages which might help, too. We are still testing this setup and welcome your feedback.

We recommend that you at least subscribe to ScienceNews (academic/programming) and ScienceAdmin (administrative alerts) and one or more building lists (depending on where you spend your time).

The many of you that work with and advise students, might also subscribe to ScienceStudents, which is a new channel for research and internship opportunities, student conference invitations, grad school info, etc.

If you were on Div3-all in November 2011, you have automatically been subscribed at that time to ScienceNews, ScienceAdmin, ScienceGrants, ScienceEdu and the building list where you have your office.

  • To SUBSCRIBE to a list, click on the list link below.

  • To UN-SUBSCRIBE, click on the list link below or the link in the footer of any email coming from the list.

  • To POST to a list, please send email to the listname followed by @div3lists.smith.edu. For example, sciencenews@div3lists.smith.edu is a key news channel to share exciting teaching, research, student or event news in the Science, Engineering and Math community. Also, College Relations are monitoring these emails for possible further dissemination. Please send us your academic and programming news!



General Lists

  • ScienceNews - The pulse of programming and academic news, e.g. event announcements, awards, publications, media coverage, notable projects, alumnae achievements. Monitored by College Relations for further distribution.
  • ScienceAdmin - Administrative and facilities issues, e.g. scheduled outages, stockroom news, CATS updates, Science Center policy announcements, etc
  • ScienceEdu - Mailing list for science education and pedagogy; e.g. HHMI, CUR, AAC&U
  • ScienceGrants - Mailing list for grant opportunities (Corp. & Foundation Relations), grant applications (Sponsored Research), and grant administration (Grants Accounting)
  • ScienceStudents - Mailing list with science student relevant information, e.g. course & tutoring info, conference opportunities, summer research & internship opportunities, grad school info, etc.

Building Lists (subscribe to as many as relevant to your teaching and research activities).

  • AllFord - Info ONLY relevant to users of Ford Hall
  • AllMcConnell - Info ONLY relevant to users of McConnell Hall
  • AllBurtonSR - Info ONLY relevant to users of Burton and Sabin-Reed
  • AllBass - Info ONLY relevant to users of BassHall

Departmental Lists

The older lists, Div3-all and Div3-fac, will continue to exist, however they will now only be used for official college correspondence or emergency notifications from Facilities Management, the Director's Office or College Hall. You cannot unsubscribe from those lists.

Need your own list?
If you have ideas or need for additional mailing lists, please see the List Setup Instructions page.

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